Stand up comedian / MC

Through to the finals several times of the following Gong shows:-Manchester comedy store / Frog & Bucket / Spiky Mikes / Blackout at up the creek

I've done shows at Brighton / Henley / Southend / Leicester / Edinburgh Festivals

Quotes:Joe’s jokes exploring cultural differences between India and the UK, such as the outsourcing of call centres and where Indian people in the UK can go for an authentic Indian experience.

Joe slid into an easy rapport with a crowd of students who may have been slightly younger than his normal clientele. Their age, however, offered them no protection to his savage tongue as his open mocking of certain individuals had the audience calling for more.

Joe Bains is back with a brand new comedy show. And this time, he's brought the sauce!

Joe Bains is back in a hot new show that will thrill fans of The Full Tank and Easy Money. A spicy mix of standup and philosophy, it's got the mustard to liven up every night out.

Joe Bains is back - and he's brought a condiment! Joe's newest standup show, 'Curried Mustard', is a tasty side dish of comedy that goes perfectly with the main course of his life. It's high in protein, low in fat and absolutely delicious! You'll laugh till it hurts!