• I'm a Biohacking health / Confidence / Mindfulness / fitness / Juggling coach.

  • I help people enjoy healthier happier fuller lives by using anti-ageing strategies and biohacks.

  • I'm a massive fan of the Keto diet as it halts lifestyle diseases quickly and easily and painlessly and have used it on myself and my clients many times.

  • Ketosis state is when the magic happens inside your body for healing and anti-ageing and is effectively trigger by fasting and the keto diet.

  • Autophagy is the scientific name for when the healing processes are working inside your cells.

  • Fasting and Intermittent fasting are cheap simple and a very effective ways to accelerate your healing, growth, productivity and longevity.

  • Pranayama Breathwork is the yogic science enhancing your wellbeing quickly simply and very very cheaply.

  • Meditation is the cornerstone of all personal development and allows you at its most basic to take control over your mind and make it your servant. Creating positive habits.

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