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As a health coach I teach eating quality real foods (NOT junk/processed foods), Keto, Fasting, Intermittent Fasting, pranayama breath work, meditation, Anti-ageing, Confidence, bulletproof latte's.

I travel the world studying and experiencing methods and skills that heal and elevate human consciousness and allow me and others to become the best versions of ourselves.

BIOHACKING: The secret to optimum wealth


Speaking/Confidence building workshop


The South bank at night Experience


Experience the London comedy scene


London East to West Experience


What People Say

"Joe was warm, welcoming and very organised. The room was exactly as advertised. I would definitely recommend and would stay here again!”

- Chris Haslemere, United Kingdom

What People Say

"Enjoyed the experience, the atmosphere and interesting!.”

- Kasim, United Kingdom

What People Say

"Joe was a great host, friendly, and caring. We were able to discuss various health impacts of the ingredients he was using, how he got on to the path he was on, and why he was sharing it. My wife and I walked away with additional insights on how to recreate the drinks, found preferences for sourcing the material, and best of all got to taste the various blends.”

- Sam, Phoenix AZ

What People Say

"Joe was great! He seemed very knowledgeable about Keto and intermittent fasting as well as Bullet proof coffee. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested in Heath and wellness.”

- Javon, Tallahassee FL